Ambulatorio Gastronomico

Industrial-chic bistrot near Accademia Carrara

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Ambulatorio Gastronomico is a bistro run by brothers Andrea and Paolo Benigni.
A careful focus on detail in this industrial-chic venue creates an intimate and inviting environment.

The cuisine is defined by quality seasonal ingredients which Chef Andrea uses to make incredible dishes such as tagliatelle with Cantabrian anchovies and parmesan or snails cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic.

Ambulatorio Gastronomico also sells gastronomic produce and wines of the highest quality: a selection of traditional Italian specialities are available and customers can take home the ingredients for some of the bistro’s signature dishes, along with special instructions from the Chef.


facebook: BenigniAmbulatorioGastronomico

instagram: ambu_gastronomico_benigni

times: from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-14:30 / 19:30-24:00, sunday 10:00-14:30

address: Via San Tomaso 74, Bergamo

phone: 348 1539839