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  • NOI chef Tommaso Spagnolo
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  • NOI chef Tommaso Spagnolo
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  • NOI chef Tommaso Spagnolo ramen
  • NOI chef Tommaso Spagnolo ramen

Tommaso Spagnolo’s incredible career starts as “official cook” at friends gatherings. Since then, his passion and dedication took him through several culinary experiences around the world, all in top rated restaurants. From Heston Blumenthal in London to the 3 starred Eleven Madison Park, New York, his culinary adventure seemed to have reached a peak.

Until when, back to his roots in Bergamo, he meets his old friend Guido Gherardi. Guido is a young entrepreneur with strong and innovative ideas.

With him he concretizes his dream of creating avant-gard tasting experiences by founding N.O.I., acronym for Nuova Osteria Italiana.
In less than a year, they literally bring to the table something completely unseen, a breakthrough in the local cooking panorama.

The pursuing of perfection when it comes to matching all kind of flavors is spasmodic, the result is pure harmony. At N.O.I., dishes change day by day and sometimes even hour by hour. (It’s not unusual for Tommaso and Guido to print the menus only a couple of minutes before the opening!).



facebook: NOIrestaurantBergamo

times: from Monday to Saturday 7:00 / 23:45

address: Via Pitentino 6, Bergamo

phone: 035 237750