Osteria Tre Gobbi

Bergamo's oldest osteria

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  • The oldest osteria in Bergamo
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  • traditional casoncelli from Bergamo
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Osteria Tre Gobbi, located in the heart of Bergamo on the oldest part of Via Broseta, is the city’s oldest osteria.

Enter a different world where the typical family atmosphere of old osterias fills the air and the simple social life of the past still exists.

Osteria Tre Gobbi changes appearance and clientele throughout the day: it is a breakfast bar in the morning, it offers quick and tasty dishes at lunch, it is perfect for an evening aperitivo thanks to a wide selection of wines and platters of local cheeses and cold cuts and, finally, at dinner it turns into a trattoria with a simple menu of great Bergamo classics as well as a wider selection of regional Italian cuisine.

Chef and owner, Marco Carminati, frequently updates the seasonal menu and each dish is carefully curated with select fresh ingredients and creative presentation to fully stimulate guests.

There are certain items that you will always find on the menu: traditional dishes and offal, duck, cooked and served differently depending on the period, classic casoncelli alla bergamasca and a selection of haute-cuisine products to satisfy the most demanding palates.

web: www.tregobbi.it


facebook: osteriatregobbi

instagram: osteriatregobbi

times: from Tuesday to Saturday 07:00-23:300, Sunday and Monday 07:00-15:00

address: Via Broseta 20C, Bergamo

phone: +39 035 243405