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Elena’s love and passion for glass beads starts in Venice and Murano where she attended several courses of lampwork transforming her creativity and ideas into a real jewelry art.

Behind the store there is a laboratory where Elena with skills and patience gives shape to her ideas. The jewels are made in collaboration with Antonella Rizzuti.

Together with the jewelry you can find an original sartorial selection with a particular predilection to young stylist such as Lavgon, Pomme De Claire, Lola Swing and the most famous of all Marimekko brand, all of that is in addition of her own designs for which she carefully selects the fabrics.

Jewels of Monica Castiglioni and Yoko Takirai extend the offer of this shop entirely furnished by Elena with a lot of vintage influence.

A place where the lightness of glass meets the expression of fashion.


facebook: materiaprimabergamo

times: Monday 15:30-19:30, from Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 15:30-19:30, Friday 10:00-19:30

address: Via Broseta 10A, Bergamo