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  • Oggetthi gift ideas
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They are in continuous evolution, like the four season and the nature itself, where flowers and plants become “creations” and their vases keep the wonderful experience of the local artisan. Even furnitures have their own history, that starts from the street markets and ends here, at OggettHi.

Since 2003 in the heart of Borgo S. Caterina , brother and sister, Cristian and Lara, create a revolutionary world with a mix of botany, design and revisited articles for interior.

With their versatility they can create wedding equipments and finally packaging for wedding favors.

web: www.oggetthi.it


facebook: Oggetthi

times: Monday 15:30-19:30, from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 15:30-19:90

address: Via Borgo Santa Caterina 77, Bergamo