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  • Ottobarradieci gift ideas
  • Ottobarradieci gift ideas
  • Ottobarradieci sculpture made with paper
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  • Ottobarradieci vases
  • Ottobarradieci vases

Ottobarradieci was created by friends Paolo and Wilda, artist and passionate collector of art and design respectively.

Together they opened a space to exhibit and display furniture by emerging artists and designers as well as unique pieces that they love. Their choices are motivated by instinct, their interest in travel and everything out of the ordinary.

Everything is bound together by a decisive concept of the home as an expression of personality, where every piece is love at first sight and the representation of a moment.



facebook: galleriaottobarradieci

instagram: ottobarradieci_spaziodesign

times: Monday 15.00-19.00, from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-12.30 /15.00-19.00

address: Via San Bernardino 8/10, Bergamo