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Giulio Signorelli is Ol Formager, his motto is “Do everything with enthusiasm” and it is with this spirit that the work of his grandfather and father was transformed into a passion and love for cheese and its many nuances.

He learned his trade working in a delicatessen as a young man and dedicated himself completely to what would become his livelihood, seeking to learn as much as possible. Thanks to his dedication and the family tradition, he opened his bottega in 1969.

And Giulio didn’t stop there. His curiosity and desire to learn take him all over the place in discovery of everything there is to know about cheese and to select the best quality products.

Today Ol Formager is one of the greatest experts and best cheese tasters in Italy, he has been part of the Slow Food movement since 1986 and organises courses and workshops yet never neglects his bottega where he treats his customers as if it were still his first week open. He has passed on his passion to sons Paolo and Simone who are always present at the shop.

web: www.olformager.it


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times: from Tuesday to Saturday 08:30-12:30 / 16:00-19:30

address: Piazzale Oberdan 2, Bergamo

phone: 035 239237