Special clothing and magical items

Entering Flamingo feels like coming home.

It is a warm and welcoming shop that instantly reveals Daniela’s great passion not only for clothes but all the accessories and objects that decorate this shop and which she defines ‘magical’.

As you enter, it is impossible to miss the neon flamingo, bird that she developed a passion for on a trip to Florida and which gave the shop its name. Travel is the inspiration behind Flamingo, Daniela does not follow trends but her sensations and instinct, which help her choose the pieces she sells.

web: www.flamingobergamo.it/

facebook: Flamingo

times: monday 16:00-19:30, from tuesday to saturday 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-19:30

address: Piazza Pontida 18 B, 24122 Bergamo

How to reach us

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