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How did the project start and why call it Kiwi?

Bergamo City Kiwi is an unusual guide that reveals and promotes local commercial ventures that put passion and dedication into their unique projects every day. This guide should not only be a resource for curious tourists wanting to get right to the real heart of the city, but will also provide locals with a new and unexpected perspective.

A detailed, varied and nuanced vision. A journey into the city’s underworld..

The project started when four young friends wanted to show their city in an alternative light and to discover and promote the more unknown ventures that risk oblivion simply because of their location outside the classic tourist and commercial circuits.

This is where the philosophy and name of the guide came from; our Kiwi Shops are rare and precious realities that must be protected. Just like the Kiwi, that curious feathered bird from New Zealand. And that is why we adopted it to represent our project.

The Kiwi Shops all share a valuable common denominator: their commitment to maximum quality and excellence. From the boutiques offering rare and specialist artisanal products to bars where visitors can try and buy local delicacies or the hidden microcosms of international culture.

Bergamo City Kiwi looks to the lesser-known part of the city, the Bergamo that lives and breathes in its charming neighbourhoods which have preserved both architectural and cultural significance.

There are five main areas in Bergamo, spread over the city like the fingers on a hand, starting in the Upper City: Città Alta, Borgo San Leonardo, Via Pignolo, Borgo Palazzo e Borgo Santa Caterina.

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