Art in open sky

Defaced and grey walls that some artists use to represent their own dreams and thoughts; street art adorns the town itself and talks about people’s stories and lives.

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Bosoletti, omaggio all'accademia carrara

Federico Draw e Contra
Via Broseta

Murales in via codussi

Blu for the right to housing
In collaboration with Pigmenti a tribute to Gaetano Donizzetti

Joao Samina - Faccia a Faccia - Malpensata

Street artist Joao Samina achieved a project named “face to face” in Malpensata district, reproducing via stencil 10 people’s face that made the difference to everyday’s life of the district. Within this project “residenza artistica” by Pigmenti.

Revuelta Posse - Malpensata

A murales has been created to raise awareness on migration and oppression in occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the foundation "Dante Paci e Ferruccio dell’Orto".

Joao Samina - Edonè

Within the project “residenza artistica” by Pigmenti, in cooperation with Edone, Joao Samina (street artist) painted the ex cemetery walls creating a unique piece of art by the south park of Redona.

Artisti vari - Via David

A 150 meters murales along the wall of the ex cement factory Italcementi, decorated by many street artist such as M-city(Polish) and Orticanoodles(Italian).

F. Bosoletti
Piazzale Autolinee

Mattia Lullini
Via Codussi

Tribute to Accademia Carrara, painting of Beatrice presti Tasca by Giacomo Trecourt.
70 square meters of murales by Mattia Lullini, a young street artist from bologna. "Residenza artistica" - Pigmenti.

Artisti Vari - Boccaleone

As part of the event urban creation, by Pigmenti and in cooperation with Open Space, 10 artist created murales over the 10 pylons of the Boccalone’s underpass, giving a fresh start to the abandoned neighborhood.

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